Ours is a studio that very nearly wasn’t. In February 2014 a devastating fire started in the business underneath the space we had been operating out of for 5 years. It wiped us out completely, leaving nothing but burnt remnants and a very uncertain future. It seemed like cruel timing since I was still adjusting to running the studio with a 3 month old daughter as well as an almost 2 year old son, but looking back now I can see those little one’s snuggles were the most therapeutic thing in the world to take the edge off a very real professional disaster.

In the months immediately following we moved from space to space, only missing 3 days where we bought some new mats and figured out what to do. The generosity and commitment from our students and the Ballarat community at large was heartwarming and remains a source of great joy and gratitude to this day. Without the help and energy of many we would never have rebuilt.

It’s a funny thing, for as much as we all loved that little space at Grenille Street, I would occasionally look back as I was locking up at the end of the night and run my mind over all the things I would love to improve in there. The building was part of Ballarat’s original heritage precinct dating back to roughly the 1880’s. It was totally beautiful, full of character and lovingly restored by my husband and I. Our students would tell us they loved climbing our secret stairway and across the creaky floor boards to practice. As well as being full of love however it was also full of cracks in the walls and the list of things to fix grew longer by the month! We were also slowly but surely outgrowing this little sanctuary where it all began. It’s much easier saying all this now by the way – the fire certainly pushed us out but if not for that event we probably never would have left that very cherished and special space.

But leave we did to land in our new and permanent home, a big space with crazy amounts of parking in the heart of Ballarat. We got busy straight away renovating this blank canvas into perfection. A next level Yoga & Pilates room was the first priority, including state of the art heating panels, floor with just the right amount of squishiness, insulated ceillings and blinds, wireless surround sound, LED lighting, as well as a gallery style foyer with artworks, seating and polished concrete flooring. We love it. But it’s not just about having a place that’s easy on the eye with incredible climate control – everything has been specifically designed to give our students a sense of calm and relaxation from the moment they walk in the door. This is why we use essential oils, carefully selected music and feature a living display of plants. This is truly time to forget everything else, take a deep breath and enjoy your life.

The moral of the story? When the shit hits the fan it is because it’s supposed to. The highs and lows of life always align in ways we can’t change or understand but trust that the Universe is writing your plan in the sky. It will be alright once the ashes settle and you can always start over.